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Dean Friedman

Hob-Nobbin' lyrics

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Dean Friedman – Hob-Nobbin' lyrics

By dean friedman

Superman is a friend of mine. he drops by my house all the time.
He's no different than me or you. he even helps start the barbecue.
And when the rest of the guests get there,
He grills those burgers medium rare. and i'mЎ­

Hob-nobbin' sharin' a meal with the man of steel.
Hob-nobbin' hangin' loose with a guy named bruce.
Hob-nobbin' partee with the cats from dc.
Hob-nobbin' with batman and robin

Who's that raidin' the refridgerator? it's none other than the caped crusader.
The boy wonder is in the den, playing five card stud with the x-men.
And though I know it's not polite to point. but there's the joker and the penguin and they're smokin' a joint. and i'mЎ­

Hob-nobbin' make the scene with wolverine
Hob-nobbin' talking trash with the flash
Hob-nobbin' gettin' in the swing with the thing
Hob-nobbin' with batman and robin

Daredevil he's the man without fear eatin' jalapeno peppers with a cold beer.
The green hornet and kato too, and all they ever do is argue.
Silver surfer he's so cool, floatin' on his board in my swimming pool. and i'mЎ­

Hob-nobbin' shootin' the breeze with mr. freeze
Hob-nobbin' gettin' tight with the dark knight
Hob-nobbin' sharin' a feast with the beast
Hob-nobbin' with batman and robin

Anytime I'm feelin' less than zero.
I get together with the superheros.

Had a little problem, it wasn't too drastic. got a helpin' hand from mr. fantastic.
Someone locked the bathroom on the 2nd floor.
So, he reached through the window and he opened the door.
But when we walked in we were thunderstruck - supergirl was in the bath with howard the duck. and i'mЎ­

Hob-nobbin' cruisin' the room with dr. doom
Hob-nobbin' sippin' cider with ghost rider
Hob-nobbin' talkin' up a storm with the storm
Hob-nobbin' with batman and robin

Sometimes spiderman, he swings by. he's a pretty introspective guy.
He's not all that dynamic. likes to hang around in his webbed hammock.
But let me tell you, spidey's in for a shock. 'cause gwendolyn's dancin' with doc oc. and i'mЎ­

Hob-nobbin' gonna linger with the web-slinger
Hob-nobbin' hob-nobbin' with the hob-goblin
Hob-nobbin' just chillin' with the master villain
Hob-nobbin' with batman and robin

After a while the teenagers appear. we send 'em out for pizza and beer.
When they return the music is pumpin', the temperature's hot and the joint is jumpin'.
Thank stan and his gang and the cats from dc.
Superheros sure know how to party.

Hob-nobbin' make the scene with wolverine
Hob-nobbin' talking trash with the flash
Hob-nobbin' shootin' the breeze with mr. freeze
Hob-nobbin' with batman and robin

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