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Dead To Fall – Sleeping Bag lyrics

Someone crank this shit and turn this room into a circle pit.
Go grab a beer, and take a hit to quell your fear.
Tonight is gonna be as much fun as we make it.
The party just started. Oh shit! I'm already naked.

This could be the best night of my life
Let's get another case and stay up all fucking night

Empty cans on the floor.
Someone's head comes crashing through the door.
This party is really getting out of control.
The insides of the fridge are nailed to the wall.
Oh shit - That dude who lives here looks fucking pissed.

Pain is all my head will feel when I wake up.
I don't care - So pour me out another fucking cup

This could be the best night of my life
Let's get another case and stay up all fucking night.

Someone threw A brick into my tv!
It wasn't us - We were all outside smoking trees.
Where's my phone?!!? I'm gonna call the fucking cops.
Fuck it! I'm way too drunk - So let's all do another shot.

The night is ending 'cause the sun is comin' up.
Does anyone have a lighter to spark up these blunts?
The party was totall Y insane!
I'm gonna pass out in the van.
Tomorrow - Let's do it again.

This could be the best night of my life.
Let's get another case and stay up all fucking night.
This is the best night of my life.

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    Wll this song means this guy is f*****g brootla, and apparntly he is "fucked up". He likes to smoke weed and drink alcoholic bevrages. At on point someone acualy brought a brick th this "bbrootal party" and fucked up his tv. This might just be the best night of his life, but I don't know. You never know with these guys. But what I do know is hes fucked when his parents get home. Btw this is major rager. I think.
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