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Dead Milkmen – Going To Graceland lyrics

Goin' to Graceland
We're goin' today!
I'm so happy I just can't wait!
Gonna see the place where Elvis Presley died

When we get to Graceland
We'll have to ride a bus
We'd better watch our language
Or the guards will beat us up
We'll get to make some cheap jokes
And buy cheaper souvenirs
If this were Disneyworld
I'd buy a pair of Elvis ears
They say it costs eight-fifty
Just to see his house
Where they keep all his records
And his fifteen foot long couch
It might seem like a rip-off
But I'm goin' anyway
We're goin' to Graceland today

Goin' to Graceland
It's gonna be great!
I'm so happy I just can't wait!
Gonna see the bucket that Elvis Presley kicked

Goin' to Graceland
It's gonna be fun
We'll get to see all Elvis's guns
Gonna tell us all about his favourite tv shows

Goin' to Graceland
We'll stand in line
We'll get to have a wild time
Gonna get to buy Love Me Tender Shampoo

When my time comes
That's how I wanna go -
Stoned and fat and wealthy
And sitting on the bowl
Lots of people say
That it's sad The King is gone
Well Elvis might be dead
But his cash flow lives on
I'll be so excited
When I see the Jungle Room
Where Elvis made some records
Including Moody Blue
Graceland is callin'
And I just can't stay away
We're goin' to Graceland today

Goin' to Graceland
We're gonna cut loose
There's plenty of tourists for us to use
Gonna act real stupid and try to pick up girls

Goin' to Graceland
We're gonna go wild
We'll go to his grave and try to smile
Gonna buy velvet paintings and Elvis Presley forks

Goin' to Graceland
We're goin' to Graceland (x3)

Goin' to Graceland
We're going to Hell
We're gonna sing Heartbreak Hotel
Gonna see the uniform that Elvis Presley wore

What are we waitin' for?
Let's leave right now
We're goin' to Graceland
And I don't care how
E Pluribus Elvis
That's what I say
We're goin' to Graceland today

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