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David Hasselhoff – Jump In My Car lyrics

Jump in my car, I wanna ta-ake you home
Come on, jump in my car, it's too far to walk on your ow-own
No thank you sir-ir
Ah, c'mon, I'm a trustworthy guy
No thank you sir-ir
Oh little girl I wouldn't tell you no lie
I know your ga-ame
How can you say that, we only just met
You're all the sa-ame
Ooh, she's got me there, but I'll get her yet
I got you then
No you didn't, I was catchin' my breath
And look it's startin' to rain and baby you'll catch your death
Well, I don't know-ow
Ah, come on it costs nothin' to try
And you'll arrive ho-ome nice and dry

Come on, jump in my car, I wanna ta-ake you home
C'mon jump in my car, it's too far to walk on your ow-own

Come on, jump in my car, I wanna ta-ake you home
C'mon jump in my car, it's way too far to walk on your ow-own
Well maybe I wi-ill
Ah, that's better now, your talkin' sense
But you better keep still
Well, if you like I'll just put up a fence
No need to get smart
Well alright we'll soon be on our way
We better start
What for?
Because it's such a long way
Why, where d'you live?
I live down south, it's roughly eighty-four miles
Hey slow down, you must be jokin' there behind that cute smile
Oh, no I'm not
Well, if you're not there's only one thing to say
And what's that?
Get out the car, get on your way

Get out of my car
But you just said that you'd take me home
Well, it's just too far
But there's no way that I can get there alone
I couldn't care less
Maybe I could see you next week
But you look a mess
But look who's talkin', you've got no right to speak

Get out of my car
You told me that you were a really nice guy
Well I aint
Get out of my car
Get out
Get out of my car

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