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Dave Dobbyn – Welcome Home lyrics

Tonight I am feeling for you
Under the state of a strange land
You have sacrificed much to be here
'there but for grace...' as I offer my hand
Welcome home, I bid you welcome, I bid you welcome
Welcome home from the bottom of my heart
Out here on the edge
The empire is fading by the day
And the world is so weary in war
Maybe we'll find that new way

So welcome home, see I made a space for you now
Welcome home from the bottom of our heart
Welcome home from the bottom of our hearts
Keep it coming now - keep it coming now
You'll find most of us here with our hearts wide open
Keep it coming now - keep on coming now
Keep it coming now - keep on coming now

There's a woman with her hands trembling - haere mai
And she sings with a mountain's memory - haere mai

There's a cloud the full length of these isles
Just playing chase with the sun
And it's black and it's white and it's wild
All the colours are one

So welcome home, I bid you welcome, I bid you welcome
Welcome home from the bottom of our hearts
Welcome home, see I made a space for you now
Welcome home from the bottom of our hearts
From the bottom of our hearts

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    This song is beautifully written and has significant meaning for anyone who has moved to New Zealand as an immigrant or for a long term stay. I lived in NZ for 7 years and this song was my 'go to' song whenever I was flying into or out of the country. The entire song has such meaning and compassion for the plight of a foreigner to new land. Often a place of the complete unknown, no friends, no family. A new start. With that comes great anxiety and hope and faith that something bigger than ourselves is taking care of us. The expression that most people in NZ come to the "foreigner" with an open heart is a very wonderful sentiment and most helpful for the newcomer to feel a sense of acceptance in their new community. "Out here on the edge" is in reference to the Pacific Rim. On the edge of the pacific rim and how the "empire" or the British empire is "fading by the day." I would suspect that most people are in favor of that fading. Recognizing the massive colonization around the world and all the culture that has been forever changed because of it (not necessarily a good or bad thing). Recognizing the pain of war around the world and what may have brought many people to this peaceful land, the lyrics give great hope that we will find a better way to live our lives. I love the third verse as it talks about the Maori women and their "trembling hands." I have seen this in kapa haka and think that the sentiment is amazing. If you can imagine the shimmer on water or the first vibrations of this earth at its inception, I believe that is what is being replicated and passed on to the person viewing it. It has a deep and powerful meaning and should be well respected by those who encounter it. In that symbolic gesture, the words "haere mai" is repeated. Meaning welcome or enter here. "And she sings with a mountains memory". This, again, is talking about 'the ages' and our collective conscious. Again welcome or enter here. Aotearoa is expressed in the 4th verse as it is the Maori word for New Zealand meaning "long white cloud." Once you see one, you will never forget it and often you'll see the sun just before or after it; hence, the words "just playing chase with the sun." The description of the cloud is amazingly accurate giving to the poetry of the lyrics. Beautiful song, Dave Dobbyn, well done, mate!
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