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Cypress Hill – Hand On The Pump lyrics

Well I'm an alley cat, some say a dirty rat,
On my side you see my gat, see I'm all of that.
Sendin' off buck shots for I'm gonna wetcha,
Running hard, but I'm still coming to getcha.
Thinking like a peace smoke, comin on a homicide,
You talkin shit, try to take me for a ride.
I'm not a bad guy, but I'm the funky feel one,
Finger on the trigger with my hands upon the steel.
Lettin' out a bullet, this is going boo-yaa,
You're stuck in my so hood, so what ya gonna do now?
Being the hunted one is no fun.
Here I come son, yo I think you better run
Better run more, and move a little faster,
Second of thought and I'm coming to blast ya
With my


Sawed off shotgun, hand on the pump,
Left hand on a forty, [puffin on a blunt]
Pumped my shotgun, [niggaz didn't jump]
Lala la la lala la laaaaa...

Comin at you like a stiff blow, fuckin' up your program.
Ain't takin shit from you, him or no man.
Master mind maniac and a menace soooo,
How they want to pass sentence.
All because a nigga tried to play me on the trigger,
He missed, so now the nigga's pissed.
Rude and crude like a pitbull, get to the point
Your fuckin' car to get pulled, now,
I'm headed up the river with a boat and no paddle
And I'm handin' out beatdowns.
I'm headed up the river with a boat and no paddle
And I'm handin' out beatdowns [get your face down!]
Put me in chains, try to beat my brains
I can get out, but the grudge remains.
When I see ya punk ass, I'm gonna getcha
Fucking do ya, shotgun go boo-yaa!


Kickin' that funky Cypress Hill shit,
Take a lot of mental for the blunted to chill with,
'cause I'm the chill one, known to get I'll one,
They stepped to the Hill "What's up?", I had to kill one.
Now I'm headed up the river with a boat and no paddle
And they got me on lock down.
Headed up the river with a boat and no paddle
And they got me on lock down.
Hit me like a nigga who done lost his mind
Cause I ain't goin out like a spineless jellyfish.
Some say life is a bitch,
Ask that punk who dug his own ditch
Out for the Hill fuckin' up at a party.
Tried to get funny, put a hole in his body.
Lala la la lala la laaa
Look at all of those funeral cars,
Cause I'ma


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