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Crown The Empire – Children Of Love lyrics

Sound the alarms for the end of the lie,
That you've abused for far too long.
We're in the hour of the fallout now,
And there's nobody who can save our souls!

Rise up for the things worth saving,
Rise up for what we'll destroy.
Rise up for something,
Or you will be lost as you fade out inside of the noise.

This is our wake up call

We have to pull it together,
We have to save what we can.
So put aside what you thought that you loved,
And face the end (the end, the end).

These bars our hearts must hold,
Are only locked by those in charge of this broken world.
And when their walls fall down,
So will the keys to unlocking what we have never found

We are the children of love,
Lost inside of this war.
We wear the scars on our hearts,
But we don't know what they're for.
(We don't know what they're for)

We are the noise of generation now.
We are the noise of generation now.
We are the noise of generation now.
We are the noise of generation now.

We are the noise, we are the noise!

Hate - Is what we are bound by.
Love - Is what will destroy.
Trust - In everything selfish
Kill - What we don't deserve.

I won't follow you to die.
Welcome to the Fallout!

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