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Cowboy Troy – Crick In My Neck lyrics

Mmm hmm! Got a crick in my neck!
Mmm hmm! Got a crick in my neck!

[Repeat Chorus x3]

Well we enter the facility, the place is jumpin'
Everything is crowded, the music is bumpin'
We make a lap with drink in hand
Try to walk around but we're in demand
About then sweety went to the ladies room
And that's when the dj played the boom
Boom, boom, bang-biggity-bang
I looked over my shoulder and I was like "Dang!"
A chick was dancin' on the bar so I double checked
Sweety came back, something wrong with your head?
I said...

[Repeat Chorus x4]

[Verse 2:]
Like the fellas on the beach in the summertime
Checkin' out the girls walkin' up and down the coastline
Splashin' in the surf in their bikinis
Others tan on a blanket while they sip martinis
All winter long fellas did those crunches
'Cause girls are like bananas, man, they roll in bunches
Lookin' for fun but didn't keep it in check
What happened to you boy? I got a crick in my neck!

[Repeat Chorus x4]

Mmm hmm! Got a crick in my neck!
Mmm hmm! Got a crick in my neck!
Mmm hmm! Got a crick in my neck!
Mmm hmm! Got a crick in my neck!
You're hanging on my words like a life preserver
My rhyme is your table and I'll be your server
Paid attention to the song like a record exec
Bobbed your head up and down and got a crick in your neck!

[Repeat Chorus x4]

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