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Conejo – Till Death Do Us Part lyrics

Imagine that little homey
A world without drogas
Vatos would get high off of letting teflon bullets fly
Till death do us part
With the stroke of my venom, I say let's ride again
Till death do us part, I'm gonna make this end
Got the older veteranos that'll back my play
Put a shank in your back with nothing to say
Enemigas wanna die, I say let's ride again
There will be no hesitation, I've been waiting in vain
Strange, why do they play these games
When it's all about your hustle, heroin, speed, cocaine
Where will I end up when all this unfolds
In the joint doing life, paralyzed, I don't know
The way that things are going, shit is getting is shady
Fucking every broad, including homies' ladies
Emotional slaughter when I'm heavily sedated
Gave birth to a menace, look what the streets created
Armageddon, ese dreams and illusions
I'm the master of your wishes, put it down so vicious
Love my girl and my mom, and when they're gone
Everything that was right will turn to wrong
So don't you try to cross me, double cross me
The times are really hard but I kill for this money
Turn down in the pages till the day I'm paroled
To these bitch ass haters, let's go blow for blow
Eternal endings that'll count your dope
Got the hood strung out, gotta get your own
Moving with the force of wind
Knocking bullets in your system, your chest cave in
Transfer, all day to recover
A trunk full of dope coming over the border
Replacement killers aligned in arms
I don't give a fuck, battlewounds and scars

Causing panic cuz my hunger is solid
Your poor state of mind got the drogas you wanted

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