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Common – Young Hearts Run Free lyrics

[Intro - Common:]
State of the art, state of the drill
State of the mind, state of the city
I contemplated with wine
State of the art, state of the mind
State of the city
I contemplated with wine

[Verse 1 - Common:]
I put the line down when I put the rhyme down
Lost on my own Stoney Island that I found
I ride around town like this is my town
Rap to myself, tryna see how I sound
Kinda arrogant cause I'm from Chi Town
East bound it down, that's how we get down
At the bar takin' shots like they live rounds
My lifestyle is it's good to be alive now
Lot that surround me, places all cloudy
Came in the Audi, pied piper rowdy
You in the 'Raq where's war like Saudi
Youngins carry the iron man, like Robert Downey
Pound the ground we own the concrete jungle
Surround me loudly, wildy is how we came up
Think about the come up
That's why I'm always on edge when the fans seem to run up
Hair all done up, we can spend the summer together
But when the weather change, lady friend
You may be forever stranger lines seem to blur
Yea I like you but I still love her, uh uh uh
I come from the other, wonder why they slumbered on a nigga
Now I see the bigger picture, pour a little liquor
The rich get richer, my dick get bigger
Cause I'mma go hard, g-go g-go hard
The more I know self, the more I know God
Coppin' land from my bro [?]
Good to do business with the bro-gods, let the dollar circulate
Lower the murder rate but still kill this shit
In touch with the crib that's why you feel this shit
The willingness to grow, the willingness to blow
The willingness to know that I don't know shit

[Bridge 1 - Cocaine 80's:]
But I still wanna know
What the fuck you on girl

[Verse 2 - Common:]
Enrichened souls, visions, goals, mission grows as I do
It was written like a haiqu when I was seventeen
I used to sell a [?] to forever dream
Now I'm a champagne king like Evelyn
Young hearts run free and forever sing

[Bridge 2 - Cocaine 80's:]
Tell me what the fuck you on
Cause your heart is sayin' ohh, ohh, ohh – run

[Intro x2]

It was red, I guess it had to be the bloodshed
Love shed, ‘nough said

[Bridge 3 -Cocaine 80's:]
But I still wanna know
What the fuck you're on
Cause your heart is sayin' ohh, ohh, ohh – run
And I'm down to jump the gun with you
Tell me what the fuck you want
Cause your heart is sayin' ohh, ohh, ohh – run
And I'm down to jump the gun with you

[Verse 3 - Cocaine 80's:]
What the fuck I'm s'possed to do, you not around
I'mma talk about when we high and I'm on the ground
Always hold you down in and outta town
Maybe I'm a clown got me crying out in front the crowd
On the inside but it feel like a fuckin' cloud
Out my fuckin' mind, I'mma fuckin' drown
Girl but I'm not gonna fuck around
I'mma fuckin' marry you and learn to swim
Let me carry you I need to hit the gym
Young hard jab but the difference is
Got young love but I'm not young
Faith in love but I'm not dumb
I don't need to give a fuck about the outcome
Niggas be scared but I'm not one [x5]

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