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Chris Rea – Texas lyrics

Warm winds blowing
Heating blue sky
And a road that goes forever

Been thinking 'bout it lately
Been watching some tv
Been looking all around me
At what has come to be
Been talking to my neighbour
And he agrees with me
It's all gone crazy

Well my wife returns from taking
My little girl to school
She's got beads of perspiration
As she tries to keep her cool
She says that mess it don't get no better
There's gonna come a day
Someone's gonna get killed out there
And I turn to her and say texas
She says what?
I said texas
She says what?
They've got big long road out there

Warm winds blowing
Heating blue sky
And a road that goes forever
I'm going to texas

We got to get out of here
We got to get out of here

Well I got a little brother
Several meters high
Yea his built just like a quarterback
And he swears he'll testify
He says he's been to texas
And that's the only place to be
Big stakes, big girls, no trouble there
That's the place for me

I'm going to texas
I'm going to texas
Watch me walking
Watch me walking

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    Antigone A. Freimann
    I was born in Texas (Parkland Hospital in Dallas, as a matter of fact) and spent the majority of my 40+ years living there. This song resonates with me on a visceral level, both for that reason as well as the beauty of the music and lyrics themselves. In Texas, you can literally drive for twelve hours straight and not leave the state! It's immense, and once you get outside of the massive metropolitan areas, it looks and feels untouched by the modern world; farms and pastures, frozen in time, with carefree lazy cows and sky as far as the eye can see.
    Folks love God, their guns, their country, and most of all, their home state.

    Now, regarding the song: everyone wants to escape their own reality and lives sometimes. And escaping to a vast, beautiful land like Texas really fits the bill for some. Maybe some of it's "the grass is always greener" effect; daydreaming of a better place, far away.
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