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Chris Brown

Fallen Angel lyrics

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Chris Brown – Fallen Angel lyrics

If I could, take a trip, to outer space
She would be the one, I would see
When I get to heavens gate
She would welcome me with her arms, open wide, and her smile
Would shadow me brighter than the sun
She hasn't had a fair chance, so I'll give her one
Let me tell you who she is, yeah

She's a fallen angel, sent from heaven up above
She's a fallen angel, waitin for me to love her, yeah
(Know that she's) She's a fallen angel, take your judgment off her
I know, that she's a fallen angel

[Verse 2:]
You know, maybe I should
Help her mend, her broken wings
So she can fly again
But I don't wanna lose everything that I've gained
It's turnin me a selfish man (oh)
Cause without her my heart just don't go, no more (no more)
I couldn't take the pain of watchin her fly away
So say that you'll stay
She's mine

She's a fallen angel, (ooh) sent from heaven up above
She's a fallen angel, waitin for me to love her, yeah
(Know that she's) She's a fallen angel, so take your judgment off her
I know, that she's a fallen angel

[Verse 3:]
Don't you
Baby don't you (don't you worry) worry
I'm gon help you (I'm gon help you) fly
(I'm gon help you fly)
Just take me under yo (take me under) wings,
And we can reach the (we can reach the) sky
(We can reach the sky)
Baby don't you (don't you worry) worry,
I'm gon help you (I'm gon help you) fly
(I'm gon help you fly)
Yo mama, don't you (take me under) worry
You gon reach the (we can reach the) sky
(We can reach the sky)
She's a...

She's a fallen angel, (hey hey) sent from heaven up above, just for me
She's a fallen angel, waitin for me to wrap my heart around her, know
(Know that she's) She's a fallen angel, makin due with all the judgment (no)
I know, that she's (yeah) a fallen angel (ooh ahh)

[Verse 4]
Baby I know
I know that they done hurt you
But I'm here
Let's take it all away
So if you let me...
You know what, just put your heart in my hands
And everything they say, I take it back
Like this...

[Reversed last verse]

[Verse 5]
You don't mean nothing, [reversed line]
I don't want ya, [reversed line]
I don't need ya, [reversed line]
Never loved ya, [reversed line]
You're nobody, [reversed line]
And 'll never make it, [reversed line]
You're a mistake (ooh), [reversed line]

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  • u
    Oh my gosh. Chris brown is illumanti and people still follow in his foot steps. People listen 2 da words of n song dnt just go 4 the awsome beat. Dey call satan she 4 sum reason open ur eye people they are tryin 2 destroy the world. And god rocks if you not followin god you gotta give uyr heart 2 god he is the truth and the right 1 3 follow.
    Money can destroy ppls life and money cnt buy happiness.
    Read psalm 23. I'm 13 n I cn say people I knw god cn save chris brown but he mos n money chaser.
  • l
    Christ is praising the devil Satan in this song, when he sang of A fallen angel, the only fallen angel we know is Satan who was thrown down from Heaven. This is a paraise to the Devil and he can't do anything without the Devil since he is a Manson. Don't be lured into such tracks where these dudes are praing the devil at their best. Demons when they sing they term or call them "she". Nusty song be warned because you might fall victim of such a cult!
  • u
    This fallen angel is a song by chris brown dedicated 2 satan, every1 nos satan as d fallen angel 4rm heaven bcos of what he did by coming down 2 earth n aving s** wif women. God sent cast satan out of heaven 2 d earth. D work of satan is 2 destroy, decieve pple n does nt want pple 2 go 2 heaven but hell. Pple like chris brown, lady gaga sold their soul 2 satan 2 bcome rich, famous e t C. Alot op pple are in illuminati in which they lose, no 1 want 2 help da fallen angel, da world ll soon come 2 "an end" so bware of d fallen angel n don't bcome its victim - raheal.
  • u
    Chris lets wait til d last day. I hop you knw d road were d fallen angel lead 2? I aways pray this prayer god I wnt 2 b rich but nt d rich dat wil mak me 4get you. Chris you of al pple knw dat you ve money b4 you join this so cul fallen angel of urs n you knw you are stil goin 2 die lil every oder person. So what on earth do you worship her 4? You knw what? I guess you lack understandin.
  • u
    D end of this world is so near dat satan is tryin to take advantage of pple to influence dem and make sure lots of pple come to hell wit him,.
    If you take a luk at d world now, d most impossibl thins ar happening(she males, gays, lesbians) and this so cal scientist wuld alwayz com up wit silly theory why it can be so.
    This is all part of d big plan of d devil, dey ar all diseaving us, even most of d peopl you see on earth are not jst mere peopl, dey ar d devils tools, dey ar jst like catalyst 4 sin to grow bigger, greater and ovawhelming everyday, and to make sure sin neva stop existin.
    Most of this eventions of today ar jst distraction dividin our attention 4rm d real tin we ought to be doin(praisin and servin god all d time).
    This life(earth) is notin mor dan a test room, who so eva passes it goes to heven and if you fail you know where.
    This life we ar livin on earth is soposed to be all about christenity, but due to d obstructin tools d devil has evented and use against us, we ar now caught in the web lines of temptations.

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