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Children Of Bodom – Banned From Heaven lyrics

It's a color that I can not show
When I could easier pose
But you probably knew that I was lost

Did you think that I would right now
Show you things I have lost?
Swim if you're diving for a human being

I blame myself for every second
That I was gripped by some foe
Standing for the only one, for you
To kill me by your left toe

What even can I say, get me out
I was the one who sold
My body and soul to the devil
No one that I know when I say
"I am the one" would lie
Since when we spoke I stream with fire

Wake up in a pool of blood
Locked up, when you get Banned From Heaven
Looking I just saw me dripping down blood
Don't worry, I'll get up to get down where I belong

[Alexi Solo]

Banned From Heaven
Banned From Heaven
Banned From Heaven
Banned From Heaven

[Roope Solo]

[Chorus x2]

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    Its saying that you can't be yourself when its easier to pose but people can tell youre lost. Then its asking if the person thinks you'll tell them youre lost or keep posin. Keep on going if youre driving to be human instead of fake
    you blame yourself for eversecond you spent not liking some one (for not being a friend) and that you sand for only one person (the person youre talking to)
    what can you say to change that. Was you the one that screwed up. Are you evil for doing so
    am I the only one who'd lie to hide this part of me. Since when I speak I alwyas lie
    wake up in hell cause youre banned from hevan for being such a poser. Looking at me you see my faults. But don't worry hell is where I belong
    banned from hevan.
    Get it now?
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