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Chevy Woods – Pick Ups & Drop Offs lyrics

[Hook X2]
Pickups and drop-offs, nigga that’s all I know
Pickups and drop-offs, nigga that’s all I know
Pickups and drop-offs, nigga that’s all I know
That trunk poppin', that work in it, everything’s a go

[Verse 1: Chevy Woods]
That trunk poppin', that work in it
Nigga I need my dough
You niggas dead and that’s Bob Barker the price is right for that blow
Bitches all on my shows, niggas all on my shows
I was out on that corner
Pistol under that cole
Who the fuck you tryna clone
Tryin to copy me and be out
Life after death, that double cd, rip to bi
Got my tato all, not Tray Aye, I’m a og and I’m Bobby
When I do a show I got 20 niggas
And they strapped down in that lobby
Hold up, slow down
Silence or the full pound
When you see the look on my nigga’s face do you really wanna draw down?
Them bitches love when we round
You niggas hat when we round
You don’t wanna catch a heat round
For that bullshit you be down, boy


[Verse 2: Young Scooter]
They know I’m human dope and they can’t understand it
I pick it up and drop it off like super halen
From the eight of Pittsburgh take a half a day
All the hustle dirty birds at 25K
They all ready to remix them Taylored up
I take A1 brick and made like 3 of them
You niggas love to buy bricks but I ain’t heard of them
So I just get my money, keep on hustling
What more can I say, I’mma salute the plug
Lil Mexico City, I own my own hall
Black amigo, manufacture all the drugs
So many drugs in my house, this shit look like a club


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