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Chevy Woods – G2 Intro lyrics

Is you ready?
G2, G2, G2, G2
G2, G2, G2, G2
G2, G2, G2, G2
Yeah niggaare we back
The streets is back niggaare yeah
It’s what they want

I’m ganged up and I feel the distance
So much of this paper shit
I’m stalling on you but you hate that shit
And all the naggers I made that shit
All these niggers thorn I tailored up
All these niggaare don’t pray about this
I’ve been running in packs
I’ve been running in packs
Bitch I knew the burn
I had a body on it
But I still body that strap
Bitch I knew the burn
I had a body on it
But I still body that strap
Yeah what the fuck you thinking niggaare come from?
You ain’t know that’s the bottom
Niggers be and they shooting fun
I keep hearing niggers talking bout
How it’s so hood where they from
But let me tell you something
When they made yours
They stopped making them guns
100 in a rebel band
But you niggers ain’t got that problem
But I’ve been the hustler
You can ask them niggers
Doubled up for that profit

Most of y’all nigger…
And probably don’t even know it
Got a 100 pack with your names around
You cut that past you owe it
I’m to me, that two G
Young niggaare with an Uzi
Eloped out what you know about?
The hundred joints out of Cupid

You don’t like me bitch, sue me
You don’t like me bitch, sue me
I’m getting money, that’s true indeed
And you fuck niggers just Jay read
I’ve been about mad pussy
I don’t know about you
And I’m back better than ever
Yeah this is G2

Stories never run out
Niggers always wanna know
About what going on in the hood
Yeah this is G2
G2 G2

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