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Chelsea Grin – Lilith lyrics

Your body is my temptress
Your being is a must
I cannot live another day without you

I'd give it up for just one touch
To see your face
To feel your lust calling me
She won't stop calling
I feel her crawling inside
She won't stop calling

Come and watch my lips turn blue
I wrote this song just for you
It's what you've made create
I'm drowning in the well
Of my sins and my selfishness

I can't forget when I felt you
It was clear to me that I need you

Fuck this world
And fuck this place

I never asked for this
I never wanted this
I never asked for you
I never wanted you

But the long keeps on drawing me back

In your hands again (x3)

I can't forget when I felt you
It was clear to me that I need you

I can't forget the things that you put me through
I can't forget (x2)
I don't regret the poison that set me free
I don't regret (x2)

Your body is my temptress
Your being is a must
I cannot live another day without you

I can't!

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    This is about lust and the consequences if you let it get to your heart. Lilith is the demon who punishes sinners of lust, whereas the lyrics express the victim as confusing love with lust and needing the love of a girl who twisted his head with s** and no love. They used each other for s** but the victim realizes there was no love after he convinced himself with a lie that lust=love. He let himself be seduced by a
    Liar he now needs.
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    I feel like this song is about a girl, probably by the name of Lilith, that left him when they were together. After all of the moping and things, some of the lyrics suggested he killed himself in order to cope with the situation. I don't know, but that's just what I've read and what I kind of think.
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    1st attempt at trying to explain song lyrics. To me it seems that this person is expressing his love for "lilith", who he is in love with. The song also references the different "lilith" who was the 1st women created and also a demon. You kinda have to research "lilith" to get it.
    "i never asked for this , i never wanted this, i never asked for you, i never wanted you" is another reference I believe, the again because of the other references man never asked to be created and we did ask for this temptress "women" or "lilith". Then he goes on to say "i can't forget when i felt you, it was clear to me that i need you" "your being is a must.
    I cannot live another day without you" these lines make me think even more that hes talking about women in general.
    Anyways that's just what I thought of this.
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