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Chalino Sanchez – Baraja De Oro lyrics

Voy a jugarme un albur
Con una baraja de oro
Que si lo gano ya estuvo
Y si lo pierdo ni modo
Porque yo soy de los hombres
Que cuando pierdo no lloro

Las mujeres son barajas
Que hay que saber barajear
Pa saber cual es la suya
Di la que vas a apostar
No ya despues de perdido
Quieras volver a jugar

Y si juegas sin malicia
Porque no les tienes miedo
Esperando a sota de oros
Se aparece un caballero
Dispense mi buen amigo
Esque yo lleguй primero

El que no lo quiera creer
Que le entre a lo pantera
Pierde dinero y mujer
Y hasta la portamonedas
Y a veces llega a su casa
Con la camisa de fuera

Y ni modo de reclamos
Porque yo llegй a caballo
Estoy regando el rosal
Pa cortar la flor de mayo
Perdoneme rey de copas
Pero yo soy de a caballo

Y si juegas sin malicia
Porque no les tienes miedo
Esperando a sota de oros
Se aparece un caballero
Dispense mi buen amigo
Esque yo lleguй primero

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    This song could be understood in different ways. It is comparing women to a gold deck of cards and playing your game right and not be a sour loser. The man is analyzing the consequences of his actions and how he really can't change the outcome of his game he decided to play it thinking he would win it with his cheating ways but things don't always turn out dat way.
    So the song starts off saying he's gonna play a cheating game with a deck of gold cards. If he wins it done deal, if he looses oh well, he's not the kind to cry when he looses.
    He's stating that women are like a deck of cards, which you have to know how to shuffle to know which one is your winning one. But say it now, not till after you have lost. Then try to play it again. (your gonna choose your woman, choose now, don't think you could keep them and try to fight one once you've lost her. Once one).
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    This song can be summed up as a man playing with a deck of cards resembling women. From your deck of card you'll determine which will present a winning over strategy or which will make you lose at the golden deck of cards. Meaning that there are women who will do you wrong and others that will remain faithful to you and thus will be your willing deck of gold cards.

    In the song he describes the risks it will take to win and even if he loses he will not cry losing for he came knowing the risks, he is a true cowboy, and has the balls and manhood to remain faithful.

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