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Cece Winans – Anybody Wanna Pray lyrics

Look at the world and all the trouble it's in
We've traded righteousness for pleasures of sin
And now that things have gotten way out of hand
You're wondering how and you're wondering when
Hate is filtered right into your home
Takin' the love that the family once owned
Mothers against the daughters, dads against sons
The way that it looks, seems like evil has won
Anybody wanna pray with me, anybody wanna pray with me
Anybody wanna, anybody wanna pray with me
(and chase all these troubles away)
Anybody wanna pray with me, anybody wanna pray with me
Anybody wanna, anybody wanna pray with me
(and chase all these dark clouds away)
I understand just why you'd throw in the towel
Where there's no hope life is not worth the while
Why would you chose to live without me
What else do you want when I am all that you need
Searching high and searching low everyday
To find the peace of mind and someone to care
When all you have to do is fall on your knees
Take a look at yourself, I'm all that you need
(Repeat chorus)
And now it's time to shout
Shout the victory (We Win!)
If you haven't read the book, come and go with me
(there comes a time)
There comes a time when all jokes aside (stop playin)
You make up your mind, you make up your mind
On bended knees these petitions get heard
From the throne room to packed arenas you've heard
Known for that, must commence to
Rock it fat, crowd react
Believe I'll pray for that
Yo' I keep my stance on the rock like this
So if two, three or mo decide to lock wrist
You better come strong, faith long in this
Cause wi' grits and Cece you know God in the midst
(Repeat Chorus)

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