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Man c*** that s**t...
Yo man, this n***a Cassidy frontin (Yo c*** this tho man), oh that n***a think he sweet, (Yo pass that mac man)
Yo not for nothin, that video s**t and all that...
F**k that, (yo when I'm a hit that n***a all up in... I hate that nigga)

Where My ni***z at, Huh
C*** that Yo
Squeeze them triggas back,
Huh, Pop that yo,
If I gotta, I'm a Pop a n***a
Lay a n***a down,
I ain't playin, I'll spray a n***a,
Lay a n***a down! [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Ni***z ain't ready to die, They ready to tell,
That's why my squad ready to ride and ready for jail,
They'll give you every in the shell in the K,
A couple rounds from the pipe'll make it sound like Independence Day!
And I could talk that gun s**t, Cause I done s**t,
My nick name should be Diarea How I run s**t,
And I done seen ni***z guns spit over dumb s**t,
I got a young b***h named Nina that You could Tongue Kiss!
When It come to this gun s**t I'm the man son,
Ni***z gon show me respect cause I demand some,
I play with bullets bout as big as my damn thumb,
And I'll spit the A are Hand Gun till my hand numb,
I ain't a hypocrite who spit s**t He never did,
I'm a speak the truth whether positive or negative,
Don't get me wrong, I put songs that was conscious out,
But I'll still Grab the Thompson and Blow Ya Conscience out!


[Verse 2:]
My flow so raw, I thought about baggin it up,
Every word like a Bird, I'm jus addin it up,
But with the burner I'll Burn ya like bag in the dutch,
I'll jus, blast at ya gut, Light ya Abdomen up, Yup,
But I ain't the same Cass from the past,
I be tryna chill but I'll still blast at ya a**,
I got cash in the stash, and Money In the bank ya'll,
Hatin on me makin me rich, I wanna thank ya'll!
I'll leave the biscuit on my hip and jus shank ya'll,
Onli thing you ni***z ever shot was a paintball, or a cap gun, You could get your hat spun,
You gotta known I clap my gun, Man, You ain't that dumb!
Back when I was young, no bull, I pulled triggas back,
I be in the hood cause I'm good where my ni***z at,
I'm the general, I'll let my military get you,
With the military pistols, that's military issued!


[Verse 3:]
I got alota gats,
And I just fought a homocide and I ain't make 1 statement, You Know I'm Not a rat,
So what You gotta gat,
When it start poppin off,
You'll probly shoot your fuckin self tryna pop it off,
You ain't got the balls, You soft like cotton balls,
You just think You hard cause the pills and the Alcohol,
But dawg you ain't hard as you say you is,
You needa tell your fans how soft and g** you is,
S H A, No matter what K It is,
I'm a still keep poppin and bodies'll keep droppin,
But I don't wanna hafta injure nobody,
Grip the pipe, Or stick the knife into somebody,
And I don't walk around now pretendin I'm Gotti,
But I'll still clap the mac 10 at somebody, Uh,
I Took my life and put it all into rap,
For my dawgs with they paws on the gat!


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