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The Powerpuff Girls Theme Song lyrics

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Cartoon Network – The Powerpuff Girls Theme Song lyrics

Sugar, spice, and everything nice
These were the ingredients chosen

To create the perfect little girls
But Professor Utonium accidentally
Added an extra ingredients to the concoction--
Chemical X

Thus, The Powerpuff Girls were born
Using their ultra-super powers
Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup
Have dedicated their lives to fighting crime
And the forces of evil

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    Loved this in childhood, always made me happy, even in pants lol haha. However shows what can happen when testing on shit, thus showing us we shouldnt test on apes and shit cause they could rise up like planet of apes init. That would be bad lol, id be prepared though bought a crossbow to be like daryl, a badass haha, do damn dirty ape would stand in my way, get it lol, REFERENCE. Hit me up on utube and bebo and myspace asways uploading fire reviews, more fire than view lol haha. Anyway im gonna get off to bed but come back again for more awesome meanings; Bo ya
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