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Carbon Leaf – Shellfish lyrics

This has nothing to do with you
I know where I'm going sunday
Windmill fish I'll move
When the wind moves me
I'll make a roadway from the shells
(from my shells)
I'm shellfish and not ready for you
Because you're not ready for me
I'm not ready for me ever feel that way?
Maybe the treasusre will be full of people
And we'll share our lives one day
This has nothing to do with you
I'll walk blind if I want to
Maybe I'll take a trip where all I see
Is blue and white
Make a boat of paper and wax
Just enough to get there
(I won't want to return)
Discovered lots of clues but not the chest
Not the x still looking for the x
This has a lot to do with you
Here's the note I never wrote
Preocupation has paid it's price but...
Believe all of this has made me
Sick as well
I'm shellfish I'm in the ocean
I can't here you
I don't know what I know anymore
I'm not ready for me ever feel that way?
Triangle that consumed us like
All those ships at sea
What price to be opened? I'm drowning I'm breathing I'm living I'm dying frowning I'm smiling I'm laughing I'm trying shouting I'm screaming I'm happy I'm
Dreaming my nightmares are leaving It's dark and I'm tired the pain is receding I'm guilty for happy the cloud will not catch me I'm falling again I can't let water in
I can't build a boat to return
(I guess I got what I asked for)
And I'll cry when I'm glad
(because it's not what I'm used to)
Well here's my blue and white
(not that different than when I started)
I don't know I'm still young
We'll make pirate hats and rule the sea
I'm shellfish
Jellyfish point of view
I'm in the ocean I can't hear you
You've found the x don't ever worry
Be happy
And we'll dream of a day
Much like today...

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