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Capercaillie – Iain Ghlinn 'Cuaich lyrics

O Iain Ghlinn' Cuaich, fear do choltais cha dual da fas,
Cul bachlach nan dual 's e gu camlubach suas gu bharr,
's I do phearsa dheas ghrinn a dh'fhag mi cho tinn le gradh,
's nach' eil cron ort ri inns' o mhullach do chinn gu d'sail.

Ach an trian dhe do chliu cha chuir mise, a ruin an ceill,
's caoimh' faiteal dhe d'ghnuis na ur choille for dhruchd ri grein,
Gum b' e miann mo dha shuil a bhith sealltainn gu dluth ad dheidh,
's math a b'airidh mo run-s' air ban-oighre a' chruin for sgeith.

Iain, Iain, a ghaoil, cuim' a leig thu me faoin air chul,
Gun ghuth cuimhn' air a' ghaol a bh'againn araon air tus?
Cha tug mise mo speis do dh'fhear eile fo'n ghrein ach thu,
Is cha toir as do dheidh gus an cairear mo chre 'san uir.

Ged a chinn thu rium fuar, bheil thu, Iain, gun truas 's mi 'm chas,
's a liuthad la agus uair chuir thu 'n ceill gum bu bhuan do ghradh?
Ach ma chaochail mi buaidh, 's gun do choisinn mi t'fhuath na t-fhearg,
Tha mo bheannachd ad dheidh, 's feuch an tagh thu dhuit fhein nas fhearr.

John Of Glen Cuaich

Oh John of Glencuaich it does not seem right that you should be so beautiful,
Your tresses, in ringlets, are tightly curled to the tips,
Your upright handsome appearance has left me love-sick,
And you are faultless from head to heel.

But, my love, I cannot relate one third of your merits
Your presence is more refreshing than the sun-kissed dew-bedecked young trees,
I long to have you always within my sight,
My beloved is well worthy of defending a royal heiress.

John, John my love, why did you abandon me so completely,
Without any reminder of the mutual love we once shared,
I have never loved any other man on earth but you,
Nor will I ever love anyone else 'til my body is interred in the soil.

Although your feelings towards me have turned cold,
Are you, John, without pity for me in my plight,
When you so often declared your undying love for me
But if I have so changed in character that I have earned your hatred and anger.
My blessings still go with you, and if you can, try to choose someone better.

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