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Cam'ron – Freak lyrics

(Guy singing)
I need a freak
I need a freak
Girl I need a freak

I'm the one who is the low-key Don
Dick stay hard, call me Pokemon
'cause I'm the one they call Cutie pie
I'm the one with the Gucci tie
I'm the one with the brand new Benz, droopy eye
That's the one they said "I knew he'd buy"
I'm the one who be fly
I'm the one that hit it from the back, dookie pie
Oh, you ain't gon' sue me right?
What's that there? Your coochie (aye!)
I'm the one to play it off
I'm hard already girl, make it soft
Sisqo wants to see your thong, I wanna see you take it off
Or I'll pull it to the side, break it off
Right to left, up and down, front to back
Turn around, head down, I wanna hit it from the back.

Chorus - (man singing)
I need a freak
I want a freak
That's what I need tonight
At every club I like a freak
I need a freak
I need a nasty girl, girl I need a freak

[Verse 2:]
I met this one girl smokin' a blunt
I went to her house, she starts to front
Nah, I gotta potty, why you teasin'?
Pulled out my dick, why you cheesin'?
Then while I hit it, why you wheezin'?
Hold up girl, why you sneezin'?
Pull out my dick, why you bleedin'?
When I get my clothes, "why you leavin'?"
But Ma had chrome to play wit'
Shoes by Joan and David
When I was in the whip I asked for dome, she gave it
"Ooh, I taste it"
"Ooh, my favorite"
That girl had me out my thug
I liked her a lot but her mouth I loved
Right to left, up and down, front to back
Turn around, head down, I wanna hit it from the back.

Chorus 2x

[Verse 3:]
Females, go 'head, act surprised
Ya'll like s** more than guys
Pop the question, they get silly
You got your period? "umm, not really"
What's that mean to be polite?
"It's the last day and it's real light"
Yeah right, you leak leaky
Call me next week, I'm not that freaky
Some girls come for a dance
See that fat ass all in a stance
All I do is a touch or a glance
You won't have Killa Cam bust in his pants.

Chorus 4x

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