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Cage – The Beast Of Bray Road lyrics

Slashing, tearing, scanning and scaring... The Beast!

The Beast of Bray Road

I spent my life hunting and searching for creatures
Whose existence has hid from our sight
In this endeavor forever
This treasure nearly has taken my life
My most recent attraction, my craving for action
On my mind this bears quite a load
A true paranorm, from man it transforms
To the Beast, the Beast of Bray Road
Slashing, tearing, scanning and scaring...

The Beast! Nothing can hide from his hunger
The Beast! Beware the Beast of Bray Road
Someone is human no longer
The Beast! They call him the Beast of Bray Road
A frenzy of fear you'll succumb to
The Beast! It feels your heart will explode
Nowhere to hide or to run to
The Beast! You're a feast for the Beast of Bray Road

[Lead: Steve]

I first saw him in Elkhorm, Wisconsin
Not far from Black River Falls
Somewhere between a wolf and a bear
With ravenous teeth and razor-like claws
Frozen and fighting to focus my gaze
My eyes betrayed as I stared in the dark
A black dogged snout was all I made out
'Till it turned and howled with an inhuman bark
Slashing, tearing, scanning and scaring...


This wicked curse is on his head
His trail of blood it knows no end
Put him down, he'll rise again
The scent of fear is on the wind

[Solo: Steve, Dave, Steve]

Slashing, tearing, scanning and scaring...
Adrenaline rushed to my head
As the hair on it's neck stood up to attack
The glow of his eyes matched the moon with it's size
Both yellow and round, I dared not to stare back
Instead I just fled, I ran to the road
In hopes I would not be devoured
The sound that it made as it my flesh was filleted
Filled the night with horror for hours!


Slashing, tearing, scanning and scaring... The Beast!

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