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Busy Signal – Read My Lips lyrics

Badman no wear which colour
A di gal dem summer
Tell mi say a me dem want summer
Shawty wanna taste me

Read ma lips
Girl I wanna fuck you
Any which part mi see you
Any which part mi buck you
You know gangsta naa suck you, no

Read ma lips
Shawty I wanna fuck you
Any which part mi see you
Any which part mi buck you
You know say gangsta naa suck you oo oo

[Verse 1:]
Gal mi waa fuck inna mi car pan di back seat cause it tint up
Kotch up di legs mek mi see di p**sy print up
Mi know you have di grip, di glue you know fi quint up
Pon di cocky, pon di cocky
Mek di right glide, mek di right slide,
Mek di right flex, mek di right s**, gal mi waa
You inna di summa or di winta worse you inna p**sy printa, mi waa
Fuck you mek you run off a di cocky like a hundred meter sprinter, mi waa
You p**sy jaw, pon da big cocky yaw, gal mi waa
You quint it, mek mi sink it een, and if a chaw real gangsta naa


[Verse 2:]
Gal, mi say di way di p**sy tight
If mi see you bredda walk beside you right ya now mi woulda fight
Box him teeth out a him bloodcl**t mouth caa di fucka too bright
Him fi lo you mek you shine like a light
Real hot head deh wid you
Mi no waa nobody else fi go a bed wid you
Not even couch nor bathroom, you fuck you self you doom
Cause mi wi lef a one lead wid you


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