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Brother Ali – Five Fingers Of Death lyrics

I don't beg nobody pardon to be confident
I'm just saying my shit didn't exist until I did it
I'm the one to suffer for the politics that I done spit
I ain't quit, I hit every continent and bodied it
School of hard knox I quit and I didn't get a scholarship
Better have it popping till the pop was on that power shit
Then y'all got counterfeit and switched into the opposite
Now I'm on some outsider shit, ain't that about a bitch?

I ain't never lied about what my skin is it's obvious
I'm just so obsessed with seeing power for the powerless
I ain't said, I would never operate on cowardice
Rather chop my wrist than be afraid to take this kind of risk
Every single line I ever spit I put it on my kids
On my friends, on my tears, all them shows, all them years
All them flows, all them years
I was chose, for this year
Maybe I'm a dreamer, that's exactly what my problem is
When I do dream, believe I see it all too clear
I don't need your money, I just wanted y'all to hear

Y'all know me, brother Ali, get them now nigga, softly
He rose willows, not t bow, side ideas and abilites... Ain't about me
This cause you ain't ahead on your game,
Don't be under my name, and your shipment don't involve me
Don't call me, and if y'all cats want me
You can find me in the lobby
With my arm around your baby mom, kissing on her neck
Like man, this is on me
So salty, my metaphors 2 steps ahead of yours
And I'ma step ahead of you,
Any other heads is budz, and I'm backing you
Then what you better do, to let them through
Begging you to write a line to try to find
A bottom... Other than this, it doesn't exist...
Ain't nobody fucking with me, just hockeys
It's hell to anyone wanna diss Ali
Ain't nobody fucking with my disk jockey
It's all about the weather and not your rhyme nice
Don't care about the watch in your wrist watch, freeze!

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