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Bright Eyes – Know When But A Days Gonna Come lyrics

Well is it true what I heard about the son of god
Did he come to save did he come at all
And if I dried his feet with my dirty hair
Would he make me clean again

They say the don't know when but a days gonna come
When there won't be a moon and there won't be a sun
It will just go black it will just go back
To the way it was before

I knew a lovely girl with such pretty pride
And every man wanted her yeah and so did I
Yeah and so did I but she up and died
In a fit of vanity

Now men with purple hearts carry silver guns
And they will kill a man for what his fathers done
But what my father did you know it don't mean shit
I'm not him

And you think I need some discipline well I've had my share
No I've been sent to my room I've been sat in a chair
And I held my tongue I didn't plug my ears
No I got a good talkin' to

Now I don't know why but I still try to smile
When they talk at me like I'm just a child
Well I'm not a child
No I am much younger than that

But now I've read some books and I've grown quite brave
If I could just speak up I think I would say
That there is no truth there is only you
And what you make the truth

So I'll just sing my songs and I'll pass ahead
And then I'll leave your town and I'll never look back
No I don't look back because the road is clear
And laid out ahead of me

Now I'll get home I'll meet my friends at a favorite bar
We'll get some lighter heads for our heavy hearts
And we'll share a drink yeah we'll share out fears
And they'll know how I love them - I'm nothing without their love

Now I don't know when but a days gonna come
When there won't be a moon and there won't be a sun
It will all go black it will all go back to the way
It's supposed to be

Well is it true what they say about the son of god
Did he die for us did he die at all
And if I sold my soul for a bag of gold to you
Which one of us would be the foolish one - which one of us would be the fool

Could you please start explaining you know I need some understanding
Could you go and start explaining you know I wanna understand

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