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Brazzaville Feat. Minerva – The Clouds In Camarillo lyrics

You were born in '67
About 9 o'clock at night

Nam tak svetlo. Vecher. May.
Po vode tancuem.
(Light for us. Evening. May.
Dancing on the water.)

A couple years before I lost control
And ended up inside.

Kto nas uznal? Ugaday.
Mi ego risuem.
Ya dlya tebya stanu zdes'
Samoy zvonkoy liroy.
Poy, pust' slova uletyat
Na vershinu mira.
(Who has learnt us? Guess who.
We draw it.
I'll become here for you
The most sonorous lyre.
Sing, let words fly
On the Camarillo)

The clouds in
(Na vershinu mira)
Shimmer with a light that's
So unreal
(Na vershinu mira)
Now I fear the stories
That they told me
(Na vershinu mira)
Of how I hurt my baby
Must be somehow true

I stopped taking all my pills
They made me feel so dead inside.

Vremya bezit I nikto
You nego ne sprosit
(Time is running and no one
Will ask him.)

Just like the sun was going out
I didn't think I сould survive

Znaet ob etom lish on.
On tebya poprosit
Spet' emu neskolko slov
Starogo motiva.
I te slova uletyat
Na vershinu mira.
(This know only he.
He will ask for you
To sing some words
Of the old motive.
And this words will fly
To the Camarillo.)


Now I'm writing from a caravan
Behind your nana's place

Solnce igraet s ognem,
Mi igraem s vetrom
(Sun play with fire,
We play with wind.)

I think my spirit will be happier
With the stars in outer space.

Nam tak svetlo mi vdvoem,
Vmeste stanem peplom.
I kogda solnce zashlo,
Kak ze ti prosila
Vzyat za soboyu tebya
Na vershinu mira.
(Light for us, we together,
Will be ashes.
And when sun come down,
You ask me
Take with
On the Camarillo)

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