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Bravery – Believe lyrics

The faces all around me, they don't smile they just crack
Waiting for our ship to come, but our ships not coming back
We do have time like pennies in a jar
What are we saving for [2x]

There's a smell of stale fear that's reeking from my skins
The drinking never stops because the drinks are all our sins
We sit and grow our roots into the floor
What are we waiting for [2x]

So give me something to believe
Cause I am living just to breathe
And I need something more
To keep on breathing for
So give me something to believe
(End Chorus)

Something's always coming you can hear it in the ground
It swells into the air, With the rising, rising sound
And never comes but shakes the boards and rattles all the doors
What are we waiting for [2x]

(Repeat Chorus)

I am hiding from some beast, But the beast was always here
Watching without eyes, Because the beast is just my fear
That I am just nothing, Now that's just what I've become
What am I waiting for?
It's already done


(Repeat Chorus)

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  • y
    In the beginning of the song "sit and grow our roots" he seems to be addressing the anticipation, wait for something that's never coming "our ship's not coming back". He also feels everything superficially "they just crack" nothing's real to him anymore.
    He also points out that "something's always coming" we just never meet it.
    In the end, his problems are absolved, he realizes how opressive his fear is but I think it's too late because the lyrics go "it's all ready done" like life is over.
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  • t
    I think this song is about wanting to live the life to the fullest and wanting a dream or ambition to believe in. And he doesn't know what he's waiting for, fear of being a nothing, nobody has taken over him and he's become it. The first verse is saying he's stranded around dull people and nothing is coming to save him. And the second verse is saying there's always something big happening but he keeps waiting, but what is he waiting for?
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