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Brandon Heath – Give Me Your Eyes lyrics

Looked down from a broken sky,
Traced out by the city lights:
My world from a mile high.
Best seat in the house tonight.
Touched down on the cold black top...
Hold on for the sudden stop.
Breath in the familiar shock
Of confusion, and chaos.
All those people going somewhere...
Why have I never cared?

Give me Your eyes for just one second
Give me Your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me Your love for humanity
Give me Your arms for the broken-hearted
Ones that are far beyond my reach
Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten
Give me Your eyes so I can see

Step out on a busy street...
See a girl, and our eyes meet...
Does her best to smile at me,
To hide what's underneath.
There's a man just to her right,
Black suit and a bright red tie,
Too ashamed to tell his wife
He's out of work;
He's buying time
All those people going somewhere...
Why have I never cared


I've been there a million times...
A couple of million eyes...
Just moving, pass me by...
I swear, I never thought that I was wrong
Well, I want a second glance,
So give me a second chance
To see the way You see the people all along

Chorus (x2)


[In Background]
Give me Your eyes!
Lord, give me Your eyes!
Everything, I keep missing
Give me Your arms!
For the broken hearted!
Give me Your arms,
Lord, give me Your eyes.

Yeah (x8)

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  • i
    1 Cor. 9: 19-"Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible."
    That, to me, is what this song means. We love being "free." We revel in the freedom that God has given us, and we declare that we will never be slaves again. This scripture says that he makes himself a slave to all men. He gives up who he is so that he can be who they need him to be, while still staying strong in Christ. This is impossible without God's eyes. Without seeing everyone around us the way Jesus saw them while He died on the cross, we could never love them enough. It's just amazing.
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  • u
    Looking through the eyes of god. Through our own eyes we miss out on so many things, so many people. But, when we look through the eyes of god we are filled with compassion because he is full of compassion. Along with compassion, we are then burdened to go out and help the broken because that's what god's heart is burdened with. I love this song because of the meaning. No doubt, the music is good too. It reminds me of the people around and what jesus has commissioned us to do as christians!
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  • u
    It makes me recognize that we see people through our own prejudice. We choose to ignore people or discard them because we don't fully see the value in them. We live life by comparison and ranking. God created each and everyone of us, equal, in his image. Somehow we forget about that fact. We would care more, we would yearn more, for people's plight and their lost souls if we saw them as god sees them. Our desire for the lost and our motivation to share jesus christ with them would be powerful and almost overwhelming if we could see others as god does. Your ability to show kindness and grace increases through god's eyes and power. Your patience with others, your empathy, your ability to treat others as thou's increases. If you are not prepared to genuinely care with sacrifice and desire, don't pray the prayer. "go ye therefore making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son and of the holy spirit. " how can we do that as instructed if we don't see others as god sees them?
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  • u
    I see a young man at an airport. He's just landing and looks around to see that he's never really paid attention to all of the people before. He knows that they all have heartaches and pains that only god can take away. He wants to see the world through god's eyes so that he can love them like god does. He wants to obey the second commandment of jesus. To love our brothers as we would love ourselves.
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  • u
    This song means that everyone just walks past one another and does not really care what is going on in their life. We (or most of us) don't stop and say, "hi, do you need help? " we just figure god is good. He will help them. And yes, that is true but don't you think god wants us to help as much as we possibly can!? Yet we still sit back and don't care. You think, "well, i'm having a hard time. Why won't anyone help me? " well guess what- there is always someone less fortunate than you. Brandon heath is basically saying for the mighty and great lord to let us see through his eyes. The world would be a perfect place if only we saw througy his eyes.
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