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Bounty Killer – Hip-hopera lyrics

Intro, Chorus:
Michael Jackson brought you Thriller
It made all the gun-man hollar
Mack 11 guard your grilla

First verse: Lauryn Hill, Bounty Killer
Why you gwan, watch out for Babylon, mc's babble on and on I phenom,
Bomb like Ethiopians, not Italions, Queen Asheba, balance like a Libra,
Rain like meteor storms, that change forms like the pillars of Islam,
Make the best rule, and fuck the rest who'll, it takes one drop of
Purity to clean the cess pool, the next crew, will be comprised of kings
And queens wearing crowns and holiday scepters, facing Mecca, making
Records, raiding biblio-techas, I sip nectars with gods in the
Streetapparel, keep the path straight and narrow while we bombin' on
Pharaoh, so Bounty Killer pour the sorrel let's make plans for tommorow,

(Bounty Killer)
Cause if it's down a Sodom and Gommorah Refugees we nah go so


Second verse: Bounty Killer, Wyclef
(Bounty Killer)
So talk weel if you vex, try and jump in a mi chest, you Mr. Punk, well
Come and do your next best, mi end you distress, mi lay you to rest,
Askel 45, Fugees dem tech. Well talk well if you vex, try and jump inna
Mi chest, you Mr. Punk, well come and do your next best, mi end you
Distress, mi lay you to rest, rappers from the east and rappers from the
West, well
Yo, five years old I heard shots out the window, I thought that it was
Zorro, driving in from Mexico, I asked my father Pablo who the hell is
This Paco, he said It's Bounty Killer, He's driving in from Montego.
(Bounty Killer)
That's when shots start to echo from yah so and from deh so, well that
Is the life of a nigger from the ghetto, moving 40 kilo, from here to
Puerto Rico, smoke my manifico, but I never do perico.
Yo, this is a sound clash, you ain't fit for the job, you're vagina,
And you're making my c*** hard, you wanna rap, here's presents, go rap
It in a box, you versus me is like a mouse versus a ox, Wyclef,
Preacher's son, I sing a hym the lights get dim, reflection of the end,
Is your face facing a coffin, oops, to abstract so you kill me with
Gaps, figments of your imagination, you never delt with incarceration.
(Bounty Killer)
Thought I heard you want to be my rival, askel 45 a it a idol, them
Start war end no seek survival, Refugees we gonna treat them
Detrimental, Punks, fools.

Bridge: Wyclef, Bounty
Another sound boy dies, slow deth, Refugee Camp, Bounty Killer......


Third verse: Praz, Wyclef, Praz, Bounty Killer

Through the temples of doom somehow we managed to bloom like blossoms,
By any means necessary said Malcolm, nights before battle we play dead
Like possums, mimimizing our losses like caution to the maximum,
Stratiges for the Refugees, how many mics do you trip, I say not to many

Yo, which man runs from my magnum,

Haitian shot a man

Them blame Jamaicans


(Bounty Killer)
Yeah, yeah yeah.....

Outro: Bounty Killer, Wyclef
Well talk well if you vex, try and jump in a mi chest, you Mr. Punk,
Well come and do your next best, mi end you distress, mi lay you to
Rest, askel 45, New York gun take, well talk if you vex, try and jump in
A mi chest, so Mr. Punk, well come and do your next best, mi end you
Distress, mi lay you to rest, askel 45, California take, well, well
Bounty Killer on the borderline, Refugee camp, Wyclef, L. Boogie,
Prazwell and it don't stop.
(music fades)

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