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Bound For Glory – My Honor Is True lyrics

You can see, the anger in my face
Of a long lost warrior trying to find his place
I'm trapped in a time where no one understands
Yet I battle forth for my destined land
There will be many that lay in my path
Some will join in but some will face my wrath
One can't reach the end if he never starts
For salvation belongs to the strong at heart

Here I stand as hard as steel
I bow to none on this battlefield
I'm the blood of generations, thousands of years old
Now those lines I'm sworn to uphold
To the bloodsoaked soils, where wars had been won
To secure the safety of generations to come
For the men that took their loyalty to the grave
I live for them, I carry the blood of the brave

I've heard the sorrows of the childrens cries
I've seen sanity erode as our nation dies
I've felt betrayal, by the jackals untrue
That have joined in the ranks with the chosen few
Yet I'll strive forth for I know I must
I'll leave those jackals laying face down in the dust
I'll continue seeking despite their filth and lies
For I shall seek that new sunrise

My honor is true
I carry the torch of the dead
My honor is true
For the soil on which my fathers have bled
My honor is true
My will you can not bend
My honor is true
With sworn loyalty to the end
My honor is true
And to this day, I will never betray
All the fallen brothers lost
I will carry on where they left off!

(Repeat 1st Verse)

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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