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Bonded By Blood – Self Immolation lyrics

Scattered your beliefs
As you're going straight to hell
Practiced what you preach
And the stories that you tell
Protest for your death
Well, it's quickly on the rise
Choose your faith wisely
For your culture is set to die
Protest and devotion
Are the signals of your death
Feel the pain that he sustained
For this is your last breath
Your body is the target
And the fire is your gun
A fire baptism and nothing's left undone

Visions of command
Destruction is at hand
The fire set to burn
Won't you take a bite
Out of self immolation

No one knows the real purpose
That's the choice you made
Your body left to fry
Your existence left to fade
Look upon the crucifix
I think you're next in line
Crazy thoughts of suicide
Crawling up your spine
Was it really worth it?
Taking your own life
This will start a bitter conflict
Just an endless strife
Burned alive with no regrets
It just seems so unreal
The guts to just incinerate
To fully know the deal

Visions of command
Destruction is at hand
The fire set to burn
Won't you take a bite
Out of self immolation

Burn you alive

Taken all the grief
And there's nothing to excel
Nothing left to do
When your pride is left to bail
Thoughts of insecurity
Took all of your pride
Burned into the floor
With nothing left to hide
Angry and abandoned
Only silence is your friend
The moment's here, it's very near
All counting your amens
The flames melt down your skin
With no way of turning back
A fire baptism
And nothing's left undone

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