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Bob Dylan – Positively 4th Street lyrics

You got a lotta nerve
To say you are my friend
When I was down
You just stood there grinning

You got a lotta nerve
To say you got a helping hand to lend
You just want to be on
The side that's winning

You say I let you down
You know it's not like that
If you're so hurt
Why then don't you show it

You say you lost your faith
But that's not where it's at
You had no faith to lose
And you know it

I know the reason
That you talk behind my back
I used to be among the crowd
You're in with

Do you take me for such a fool
To think I'd make contact
With the one who tries to hide
What he don't know to begin with

You see me on the street
You always act surprised
You say, "How are you?" "Good luck"
But you don't mean it

When you know as well as me
You'd rather see me paralyzed
Why don't you just come out once
And scream it

No, I do not feel that good
When I see the heartbreaks you embrace
If I was a master thief
Perhaps I'd rob them

And now I know you're dissatisfied
With your position and your place
Don't you understand
It's not my problem

I wish that for just one time
You could stand inside my shoes
And just for that one moment
I could be you

Yes, I wish that for just one time
You could stand inside my shoes
You'd know what a drag it is
To see you

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    Raji Tailor
    The meaning behind Positively 4th Street was due to a breakup between singer/songwriter, Joan Baez and he. Because they ran in the same circle, they'd always run into each other and be polite. Dylan was among the best at expressing his thoughts in his music. Once you've listened to him and know some of his history, his meanings become obvious. Because he does it so poetically, others often look for a hidden meaning. Dylan says in poem what most of us only think but are unable to articulate in so few words. Thanks, Mr. Zimmerman, for all the great songs/poems.
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  • t
    To me this is the best song Dylan ever did, it is so in your face nasty, no hidden meanings in this song, other than somebody ticked him off and he is venting, in his own special way. This song is always on tap in my car stereo when somebody p*sses me off, especially a friend or a spouse (they can never be the same lol).
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