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Bo Diddley – Story Of Bo Diddley lyrics

The Story of Bo Diddley 2: 54 Trk 24 Disc 1
(Ellas Mcdaniel)
Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley - vocal & guitar, Jerome Green - maracas
Otis Spann - piano, Clifton James - drums.
Originally Checker single #942, 1959
Album: Bo Diddley The Chess Box (2 disc)
Mca Records #Ch319502

I was born one night about twelve o'clock
I come in this world playin' a gold guitar
My father was around stickin' out his chest
A-now, mama this boy he gon fee' you a mess
Yeah! Yea-ha, Ooh, uh-huh

Now, people came from miles around
Yeah, just to hear my little guitar sound
Now, some of 'em said I had what it takes
If I keep on practice I'd be famous one day
Woo, I'm a mess!
I'm a killer-diller
Uh-huh, yea-hey, a-uh, uh-huh

Early in the middle of the night
A car drove up with four headlights
Now, a man stepped out wit' a long cigar
He said, 'Sign this line and I can make you a star'
I said, 'Now, what's in it man, what's in it for me? '
He says, 'i'd, play yo' guitar son and wait an see'
Here I am! (heh-heh-heh, heeee)
The girls liked me, they say, 'It's crazy, it sound nice

My first engagement was in Chicago

I played fo' some people I'd never seen before

It was good too (ha-ha-ha-ha)

They like it

Sound nice


Yeah, ah-ha-ha-ha

Yeah, man

I'm killer-diller

I'm 'on killa diller.

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