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Blood Or Whiskey – Goodbye My Girl lyrics

I was thinking of home as the bus pulled away
Take me to the Cape and you knowing what I had to do
And the sun it beat down all along the highway
As I thought about the day when I told you I would stay
I was trying just to find the words to tell you
That I had to go and leave it all behind
I had to go back to the land where I had come from
I'd lost what I came to find had to leave it all behind
And the lights of old Boston still shine on you now
Where you'll be what they want you to be
Yeah the lights of old Boston still shine on you now
And you know in your heart in your heart you must be free
Goodbye my girl don't you know I hate to leave you
Goodbye my girl and I hate to see you cry
Goodbye my girl don't you know I hate to leave you
But it's better this way to say goodbye
You were smiling when you met me at the station
And I wondered if you'd cry when I told you I would die
If I had to stay one more week in this nation
It's the land of the free but not where I want to be
And you asked me if I loved you more than Ireland
And to tell the truth the answer it was no
Cause I just knew that I could never make this my land
In the home of the brave I would only find a grave
As I got aboard the plane my heart was breaking
As I left you there in pain with no words that could explain
Why I had to make to make the journey I was making
Had to leave you alone but then how could you have known
All the things I was feeling deep inside me
As I sat there I wondered how
I could love a country more than I could love you
As the plane took off and flew I just knew that it was true

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