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Blackalicious – Side To Side lyrics

(Lateef The Truth Speaker & Pigeon John)

[Lateef The Truth Speaker - Verse One]
When you first walked in and I saw you at the bar or somethin'
I ain't really wanna holler or nothin'
I just pegged you as the type for frontin'
Steady chucklin' with your girlfriends actin' contrary and cluckin'
But ya song came on, and somethin' changed in the way she was movin' along
Eyelashes caught flashes of the possibilities, maybe this one is the one for me
She's movin' to the dance floor, we'll see
What I seen was inspirational, highly motivational
Had to maneuver the set, up to confrontationals
Even though it was my chance to mack
I already did my dance, had the reservoir tapped
Hit me like a thunder clap, though
Can't let somethin' that fat pass BY, why asks why?
Made my way through the crowd with the side to side
Then I pushed up on the tush 'cause, uh, I ain't shy!
Said, "Excuse me Miss, but I liked what I saw"
When she spoke, I damn near dropped my jaw!
HELL NAW! I can't believe she SAID that shit!
I need to call my sister, "Come up through and check this chick!
And put some sense in her, cause her IQ 'bout six"
Bein' that, stu-pid in pub-lic there should be a law against
I mean, she didn't have a CLUE, tell you what to do
Just SHUT UP, ride the groove, and let's move now

[Chorus 2X]
Side to side to side, times two now
Side to side to side, times two now
Side to side to side, times two now
Side to side to side, times two

[Gift of Gab - Verse Two]
When I stepped into the coliseum, I was slidin' through
Just bein' me, lovin' the space and lettin' everything be free
And bein' free to 'til I seen her, me, I popped up, solutions
Could it be? She was the one that could make me a believa?
Step through the crowd like a bobber and a weaver
Couldn't really see the crowd, all that I could see was HER
Looked directly in her eyes, all that I could see was blurred vision
Couldn't really tell if she was prime and ready furr pickin'
She was downin' that 'Yac in straight shots
Offered me a drink, I told her I was tryin' to stop
I thought to reconsider mackin', then she pulled off her top
She said, "Gabby, Gabby, Gabbyyy, you need to come and swig"
I said, "I think I'm cool, you need to find another nigga"
Baby, baby, baby PLEASE, then she dropped down to her KNEES
Then I had to leave, I didn't want to contract diseases
I said, "Don't take it personal, I think you need Jesus
You're movin' kinda fast, you need to stop and just breathe"
Hopin' she would have a clue, tell you what to do
Just SHUT UP, ride the groove and let's move, now..

[Chorus 2X]
Side to side to side, times two now
Side to side to side, times two now
Side to side to side, times two now
Side to side to side, times two

[Pigeon John - Verse Three]
As soon as I walked in the DO'-woe-woe
The rati-o was in favor of me, 'cause as far as I could see
all the bitties on the FLO'-woe-woe
was movin' in such a way in the heat, kinda made me wanna pee
Leavin' ME wanting MO'-woe-woe
But I was scared, of major defeat, 'cause I saw the girl Lateef
was dancin' with sayin' NO-woe-woe
and Gab was wrestlin' with a freak who was topless
I was intimated to SHOW, any interest at ALL
I just stood still, pressed against the walllll (that's when I saw her)
Time froze, the ice around my heart e-RODED
Glasses she looked like a spy, wanna decode it
I said, "My name is Pi-Pi-Pigeon Johnny"
Stuttered a little bit, felt like a big DU-mmy
She said I didn't have a clue, she told me what to do -
She said, "SHUT UP and ride the groove"
I said, "Okay", like..

[Chorus 2X]
Side to side to side, times two now
Side to side to side, times two now
Side to side to side, times two now
Side to side to side, times two

[Intro to "Automatique" - Natalie Stewart of Floetry]
If you gonna be creative, y'know
You're ultimately offering yourself as a sacrifice
A sacrifice of, channeling something, bigger than yourself
and existing here at the same time, y'know
Being measured upon your words
when you're channeling yourself at higher than your state
is a pre' serious, jump to take on
So, if they truly about, the word
poetry, singing, writing, and drawing and painting
or however it is, then y'know
want us to realize we're here to record ripples of vanity, y'know
Ripples of mathematics, that's really what you're dealing with...

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    It's just simply dealing with the absurd of day to day life, whether it's meaningful or in essence at all a goal to accomplish, and how one deals with the curiosity of how one would seek to fill up to it's meaningfulness. I think it means looking at yourself and your relationship with the absurd and discovering who you really are in this world, because that's how you discover who you are, by examining your relationship with the absurd, and that's what this song is conveying.
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