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Black Sheep – Go To Hail lyrics

Dres: Yo, thanks for picking me up. I've been trying to catch a cab.
Cab Driver: Where are you going? Where are you going?
Dres: Yo, I'm going uptown to the pubs.
Cab Driver: I'm sorry. I can't go there. I'm sorry.
Dres: To the Bronx. To the 835.
Cab Driver: No, no, no. No, no. I'm sorry. I can not go.
Dres: Why not. All you gotta do is jump on the Westside Highway.
Cab Driver: Uhm. No, no, no. It's running to fast. My meter is running
To fast.
Dres: It's running too... I'll Pay. What ever it says, I'll pay you.
Cab Driver: No, no, no I, I don't want to cheat you. I don't want to
Cheat you.
Dres: Huh?
Cab Driver: I don't want to cheat you.
Dres: You don't want to cheat me? It's all right, it's all right.
Cab Driver: No. No, no. No. My battery is weak.
Dres: Take me, take me...
Cab Driver: We might not make it. My battery's weak.
Dres: Yo, check this out...
Cab Driver: No, no, no...
Dres: Take me uptown. Take me...
Cab Driver: I'm sorry I can not go.
Dres: Why not?
Cab Driver: I'm sorry. Um, um. Look what time it is. It is so late.
I'm off now.
Dres: So, yo, yo...
Cab Driver: No, no, no...
Dres: Yo, take me mother fuckin' uptown.
Cab Driver: No. I'm sorry I can not go.
Dres: Yo check this out...
Cab Driver: I'm sorry I have to go home now.
Dres: Why?
Cab Driver: I'm tired. Ah, I'm tired.
Dres: Yo, yo you stupid mother fucker. Take me home.
Cab Driver: No I can not go.
Dres: Take me home.
Cab Driver: No, no it's not like that. Ahh...
Dres: Why?
Cab Driver: I will take you home. I usually could but I can't.
Dres: Why won't you take me home?
Cab Driver: Ah, ah. It's so late. My wife is waiting for me

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