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Biz Markie – Look Good To Me lyrics

[Verse 1: Biz Markie]
This goes out to all the beautiful ladies
18 to 80, blind, crippled or crazy
No matter what nationality or persuasian
Black beauty or Asian or Causasian
No discrimination, I love all the nations
Whether you're Jamaican, Hawaiian or Haitian
[?] what a man don't got
And just for that I wanna thank you a lot
Word is bond, y'all look so good
Every time I see ya in my neighborhood
My crew bugs out when they're in the party
Instead of baby got back baby got body
Cause you're all shapes and sizes, look good in jeans
Wanna do me somethin juicy, I know what they mean
I'm not tryin to be nasty, I'm just keepin it real
This goes out to my people who know how I feel

[Chorus: Lil' Kal] + (Biz Markie)
(All you ladies in the nice tight jeans)
You look good to me
(All you ladies in the nice tight skirts)
You look good to me
(All you ladies in the nice tight shorts)
You look good to me
(All you ladies in the nice tight (?))
You look good to me

[Verse 2: Biz Markie]
Now that you kknow what I'm talkin about
I know you will agree without a reasonable doubt
Nothing's like a nice derriere
Looks so good, it's just not fair
Now let me tell you a story about a girl named Judy
Was a 5 in the face, but had a real nice booty
It was so soft and mesmerizin
I met her in Jersey by [?]
Oh my goodness, I almost lost my mind
When I saw this hee-haw that was so divine
Now I would usually just kept goin
But it hypnotized me the way she was throwin
I said, "You want a burger and fries with that shake?"
She said, "No, I want shrimp, lobbster and a steak"
Bein Rockefeller is not my duty
The only reason I changed my mind is because..

[Chorus: Lil' Kal]
You look good to me

[Verse 3: Biz Markie]
Tell you what happened to me while I was mindin my biz
I came across a girl by the name of Liz
Puerto Rican or Spanish, almost went frantic
For bein a 10 she was a body mechanic
I was bee-beein on what I was seein
It's like Pocahontas jumped out the tv, an
Hourglass shape that made me go ape
Ask Lil' Mo, she was a 'superwoman' with a cape
She couldn't speak no English, I had Fat Joe with me
So he could tell me what she was sayin about me
She said, "I like papi with big belly"
I said, "Why'd you tell her in Spanish that I want her tele
-phone, " now you know it's on
Like hot butter on say what, the popcorn
I had to have that cause she's a cutie
And you know the other reason why is because..

[Chorus: Lil' Kal]
You look good to me
When I walk through the club what do I see
A real fly cutie
You look good to me
You look good to me
That ass is fat
Oh Lord, yeah
You yeah, oh, look good
Oh yeah
Everytime I walk by
I wanna look in your eye
And you look so fly
Oh yeah
When I walk through the club what do I see
A real fly cutie lookin at me
I wanna

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