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Biz Markie – Do Your Thang lyrics

[Biz + P. Diddy]
And you don't stop
And you can't stop

[P. Diddy] Yeah, yeah - I like this

[B-I-Z] If you
[Diddy] If you
[B-I-Z] Wanna know
[Diddy] Wanna know
[B-I-Z] The real deal, about the Biz
[Diddy] A-say what, a-say what?
[B-I-Z] Well I'm the Biz Markie
[Diddy] And I'm the P. Diddy
[B-I-Z] So you know what time it is
[Diddy] A-come on
[B-I-Z] If you
[Diddy] If you
[B-I-Z] Wanna know
[Diddy] Wanna know
[B-I-Z] The real deal, about the Biz
[Diddy] A-say what?
[Diddy] And that's comin from me, the P. Diddy
[Diddy] And you know what time it is, righhht

[P. Diddy]
So come on Diabolical
Don't stop and don't you dare quit
Just get on the mic, sit on the mic
Spit on the mic and don't you dare quit!

[Biz Markie]
When I get on the mic, I guarantee
There's no better mc than Biz Markie
Everything I say, or anything I do
Will move yo' posse or your crew
When you me hear me say, and what I play
Affects a lot of people in the strangest way
Well I'm too cold to freeze, too hot to burn
And I never miss a tag when it's my turn
Cause I can, rock the mic if you give me a chance
Cool V'll cut the record, make you do the 'Biz Dance'
I can - flip the crowd with a wave of my hand
I'm the Diabolical, "And you know this MAAAAAAN!"

You can do your thang, and any-thang you choose
But please, please, leave my thang alone
You can do your thang, and any-thang you choose
But please, please, leave my thang alone

[Biz Markie]
I'm the court jester, the manifester
I used to buy my clothes at A. J. Lester's
The rhymerator, the beat creator
Whack rappers get dropped like a hot potato
The dime repeater, the mc greeter
Knuckle bleeder, no need for a heater
The only mc in history
Who didn't even have to are-A-P
The bum destroyer, I'm comin for ya
Got took to court and didn't need a lawyer
Make James Brown get down (yeah yeah)
Made Beretta go get her (yeah yeah)
Made Laverne and Bill Cosby (yeah yeah)
Go change they sweaters (yeah yeah)
I fought Mike Tyson, dropped him in 4
Went to Fort Knox and kicked down the door
Rocked seven continents with all this flow
"And this is somethin for the radi-ohhhh"


[Biz Markie]
Got ladies screamin stranje stranje
With the rhythm and rhymes and style that I display
If rap was s**, I'd be a porno star
With Sade, and Janet, in a menage-a-trois
Merrily merrily, life is just a dream-ah
First car, I ever had was a Beamer
First girl, I ever had was a screamer
I got out of breath and almost caught emphysema
Put the party people in a state of shock
While Biz compose songs like Sebastian Bach
This is the end of this scenario
Like Robin Harris, "I gotta go - gotta go!"

[Chorus:] - repeat 2X with ad libs

[sung ad libs before a quick fadeout]

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