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Benzino – Get It On lyrics

Yellow City Benzino

23 inches on the ride when we get it on
Honey look I'm really ride we should get it on
Got my people on the side we should get it on
Let's chill tonight we gon get it on
23 inches on the ride when we get it
Honey look I'm really ride we should get it on
Got my people on the side we shoudl get it on
Let's chill tonight we gon get it on

Shorty lookin high when she takin it
On the floor lookin right when she shakin it
Bartender get the ice start shakin it
Everybody gettin fly how you playin it
Since you wanna keep it real I'm a let you know
Got me open Ma now I don't wanna let you go
You remind me of these honeys in the video
Get her back to the telly and it's here we go
If the chickens on the rag we say hell no
Give her chips call a cab we say let's go
{You nasty Ray you nasty}
Please believin it
We had another glove shorty straight up teasin it
Stop playin Ma tell me who you leavin with
She said Zino what you sayin who you creepin with
Thought I'd really let you know that I'm feelin it
And if I get you to the crib then I'm killin it


Now we in the corner takin Remy to the head
Put the Cardiers on eyes gettin red
You like the chain or the watch or the wood-grain frames
Switch lanes in a champagne drop
Get brains on planes in Bangkok
Mami like them things that a man can't cop
Mami always saying please Ray don't stop
{Ray please don't stop}
And the beat don't stop
We on the scene and you already know
Zino on the stage with a real tight flow
Six figures paid for a real tight flow
My niggas made and they can't say no
So shake that Ma take that Ma
Make my eyes move where your waist at Ma
You know the don spittin nothin but nice
Ah freeze Ma please ain't nothing but ice


{You nasty Ray you nasty you nasty Ray you nasty}

In the dj booth with my dawg 2-time
Smokin on a J while he play Busta Rhymes
Hep's over there with a bunch of dimes
We don't go to bed till the sun rise
Up in the club hands on her butt
V. I. P. I keep Chris in my cup
See my peeps they call state kid it up
See that beat my beat state grit it up


Yellow City Benzino Yellow man and we did it again

{You nasty Ray you nasty}

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