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Benny Mardones – Into The Night lyrics

She's just sixteen years old
Leave her alone, they say,
Separated by fools
Who don't know what love is yet
But I want you to know

If I could fly
I'd pick you up
I'd take you into the night
And show you a love
Like you've never seen - ever seen
It's like having a dream
Where nobody has a heart
It's like having it all
And watching it fall apart
And I would wait till the end
Of time for you
And do it again, it's true
I can't measure my love
There's nothing to compare it to
But I want you to know...

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  • k
    The true meaning of Into the Night is wanting to show someone what love really is. But not being able to. He was talking about a friend of his who liked a girl younger than him.& he said "shes just sixteen man leave her alone..."and they came up with the lyrics. Benny is saying that if he could pick them up and show them what love is. He would! But he can't. So he wrote a song! :)
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  • t
    I personally think the meaning of this song is rather obvious. I think it pretty funny though, those of us who were growing up to this song when it first came out never saw anything wrong or immoral to it and no we're the one who can't stand the lyrics of todays current music. What comes around goes around a guess. I don't even to think about what my grandkids will be listening, thinking there's nothing wrong it but just a sweet love song. My favorite thing about this song, is when I was a helicopter pilot with the Coast Guard. There was an all girls bording school with a big pool and private beach. Our patrol pattern took us right over the school several times a day. When the girls were out we'd blast this song over the pa system. I was called into the co's office more than once for this song.
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  • u
    Sorry all. This creeps me out. He sounds like a pervert. At 16 yrs old, I was working at a restuarant and was constantly propositioned by older guys. What the.?! I think older guys like under aged girls because they don't have to work hard to impress them. It also makes older men feel superior that these young girls look up to them. Some are just chasing the cherry. I think it's pathetic!
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  • u
    Into the night. . Benny fall in love with a sixeten yeargirl at the time he was young to. He grow to love her because she was different, but benny tried so hard to be with her and her father just wont let them be happy. There love was saparated by fools. Once you love somone its hard to let go, so benny waited to the end to be with her. In other words loves is real, and it does not mater what age you are, we all fall in love.
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  • m
    This song kinda hits home for me. When I was 16, I met this guy. The sweetest, funniest, dorkiest, weirdest, kindest (all the stuff I looked for back then) guy you could meet. He told me about a month after we met that he was falling hard for me. I told him I felt the same way but wasn't sure if it would work cuz he was 23 (my mom wasn't about to let me start seeing a man 7 years older than me anyway) & wasn't sure if it he was just looking to be the creepy older guy just looking to get in my pants cuz he wants to sleep with a girl who ain't legal or what. As it turns out though, it's 10 years later & I'm still with him & we're still head over heels for each other (or as Jason Lee in "Mallrats" says "We're still retarded for each other. Lol).
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