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Ben Folds – Frowne Song lyrics

Why do we frown?
Is it something within us
Or in the world at large?
Maybe it's both, y'all

Sadness deep inside
Something we can't hide
We yearn for the past
But it's not there

And it makes me frown
Yeah, it makes me frown

You look at the news
Always giving me the blues
War, death and chaos
All around me now

The media's controlled
People do just what they're told
Just wanna stand up and yell
Is anybody out there?

'Cause it makes me frown
Yeah, it makes me frown

It's hard to find hope
But maybe we can learn to cope
By listening to one another
It's a trust thing

'Cause I know that you have feared
'Cause I know the end is near
But just lend an ear
And we can make it happen

'Cause it makes me frown
Makes everybody frown

Oh, I know it can get hard
When you look out your backyard
See the ozone falling
Apart before you

And recycling's a bitch
I've got just one wish
That his children won't grow up
In a freaking trash can

A piano's all I got
And I know that ain't a lot
Music has the power
To change the future

So what do you think
'Bout my message of hope?
Better get with the program
Before it's too late, y'all

So if you wanna start right now
You better take that fucking frown
Better turn it upside down

Just give in to love
Yeah, give in to love
Give it up for love
Amen to love

It's gotta be love
Or it'll make you frown
Ah, it makes us frown
Ah, it makes me frown
'Cause it makes me frown

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