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Behind Enemy Lines – American Made Death Squad lyrics

Hidden behind a wall of secrecy and right in our own backyard
In fort Benning, Georgia lies the pentagons prize
Well protected behind gun and guard
It's the training ground for counter insurgency
For the Latin American and Caribbean countries
Specializing in psychological warfare and assassinations
And repression of the people in their own nations
Here comes the death squad
American made
An army of butchers
Product of the S. O. A.
American interests are protected by this machine of death
The School of Americas provides the muscle
They're the enforcers of the policies of the World bank and the I. M. F.
They commit atrocities for American globalization
And profits for multinational corporations
At the expense of the people who don't adhere
And are subjected to torture then disappear
Here comes the death squad
American made
An army of butchers
Product of the S. O. A.
With the school now under fire from human rights advocates
The pentagon's official action has been to change the name
So it could continue it's mission and operation
Nice new image for the same old game
But with every human rights violation the opposition grows
And it won't let up until the S. O. A. Is closed
So you can keep on arresting those who cross the protest line
But you can't cover up who's really committing the crime
With almost 60, 000 graduates from 23 countries
Responsible for some of the most notorious crimes against humanity
Like the massacres that were committed in El Salvador's civil war
Or the 30, 000 people slaughtered in Argentina's 'dirty war'
America has created a monster from which no one is safe
And it will continue to assassinate, torture and rape
Until we take responsibility and say enough is enough
Since every bit of their training has been funded by us
Here comes the death squad
American made
An army of butchers
Product of the S. O. A.

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