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Bebe & Cece Winans – Things lyrics

All I wanna' be is all that I am (that's okay)
And all I wanna' get is all that I can (but that's unfair)
If you have it all and you lose it all don't lose yourself (there just things)

Fame is like a drug and money brings pride (it can kill)
It can dress you up while your hurting inside (and it will)
Finally on the list, maybe now your "it" and no one can tell
All the pain that you hide with those...

Things (yeah)
Yet their only just things (it's what they are)
Cars and diamond rings (their just)
Things (things)
Such a fuss about things (what the fuss, can you show me what...)
Love they bring...

What love they bring

Now that I arrive ayyy what do I do (I don't know)
Living on a hill yeah changes my view (ain't it so)
And everything I want, everything I see, that's not what I need, yeah (their just things)

No, nothing money buy, can make it all real (that's a fact)
When I look around, can't help what I feel (
Got a lot of stuff and when I add it up, tell me what does it mean
'Cause it don't bring me love of those...

Things (no, no)
Yeah their only just things (that's what they are)
Cars and diamond rings (but ya' can't bring love)
Things (oh no)
Such a fuss about things (can you show me what...)
Love they bring...

Bebe- Now you can turn it on, with the clothes you wear
Cece- But when you take it off, is the loneliness (there is it still there?)
Unison- Your money, my money may take you where you wanna go
Bebe- But in the darkness of the night
Cece- He's the only one who knows (just!)

Things (oh things)
Yeah their only just things (it's what they are) (oh yeah, yeah)
Cars and diamond rings (what shall we say to these things)
Such a fuss about things (if God is for me...) (Can you show me what...)
Love they bring... (He's better than anything else in the whole wide world)
Let's talk about things your goin' through (hay!) (talk about it)
Talk about things you wanna do (if I seek him first, it's gonna get better not worse)
Talk about things that make you smile (He'll add these things)
Talk about things that's worth the while

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