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B.B. King – Three O'clock In The Morning lyrics

Thank you so much, we thank you.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen.
Right here we're going all back to the begun.
All we go to the very beginnin',
Before we made this and very few people knew about, B.B. King.

We go all back this time.
You remind and go back one time, do you?
Sometimes you feel good go back and start all over again.
Oh boy!
You show so good to me, I will tell that
That you are

Now here it is, three o'clock in the morning,
Oh can't even close my eyes.
Oh yes.
It's three o'clock in the morning baby,
Oh, I can't even close my eyes.
Well, you know I can't find my baby,
Keep on lookin' be satisfied.

I've looked around me, people,
Hey, and my baby she knows she can't be found.
Looked all around me, people,
Oh, my baby, she can't be found.
Well, you know if I don't find my baby,
People, I'm going down to the Golden Ground.

That's where the fellows hang out down there,
They shoot pool, you know.

Goodbye, everybody,
Oh, I do believe this is the end,
Oh, oh, goodbye everybody,
Oh I do believe that this is the end.
Oh I want you to tell my baby,
Oh, to forgive me for my sins.

A guy feels lonely then, when you hear something like that
You can't do whatever you wanna do.
Because your mind is on the person you know.
You figure something you've done
You don't know what it is because she won't tell you
But every time you look at her, she just starts to crying and won't say nothing.
Then you say to yourself

It's my own fault, baby,
Treat me the way you wanna do,
Oh, yes, my own fault, baby,
Treat me the way you wanna do.
Because when you would love me, baby,
Oh, a good time looked down,
That wouldn't be true.

I go up on my feet and I had a lot of friends,
Now bad luck has hit me people,
And now I'm down again.
Oh, I wonder why?
Why does everything have to happen to me?
I'm blue and I'm lonesome, people,
My heart is filled with misery.

Once I had a lotta money,
They say the greatest man until
But bad luck has hit me now,
Pain has got me down.
Yes, I wonder why, people
Why does everything have to happen to me?
I say I'm blue and I'm lonesome, people,
My heart is filled with misery.

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