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Barbie – Believe lyrics

Hidden beneath the ground
Is the spring that's feed the creeks
Invisible as the wind
That you feels upon your cheeks

And every breeze that whisper
Remind us constantly
Sometimes what's real
Is something you can't see~

Believe in all that can be
A miracle start whenever your dream
Believe and sing from your heart, you'll see
Your song will hold the key~

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Submitted byAzleena Cross
Corrected byNir


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    This song bucks you up and encourages you to keep going whenever you feel down in the dumps. It encourages you to stand and trust in what YOU think is right, telling you that it is not necessary that anything what you can't see is not always unreal. Heard of the quote which explains that if you wish even the smallest wish, the whole universe changes to fulfil it? This song is a whole 3 minute explanation of that 1 line quote. A thorough explanation. We can do simply anything we have the will to do it, and we trust and believe in ourselves. It is said that Edison found close to a 100 ways of "How NOT to make an electric bulb". If that guy had not believed and trusted himself, most probably all of us would still be using Diyas and lanterns to light up our homes after dark! If you have problem in believing in yourself thinking that you aren't as good as the others; just remember one thing-Nobody is a perfect all rounder. Every single person has a unique personality. Comparing 2 people is completely senseless, because the way both of them think will be completely different.
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