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August Burns Red – The Blinding Light lyrics

The fear is what shelters them.
It's what shades their eyes and muffles their ears.
Keep them inside.
Lock them up in a closet known as home.
In here no one can find them.
In here no one can fill them with filth.
They were born with the silverware clenched in their teeth,
And so help us, they will die with it too.
None of them will make anything of themselves.
They don't need their own lives.
The ones we have planned will work just fine.
The world is a terrifying place.
Without us they will never make it.
They will never reach their potential.
They will never ever surpass us.
Without our watchful eye, they might just leave us behind.

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Submitted byCrusheader


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    Coming out of the closet is often used to refer to someone admitting homosexuality. But it originally just means to reveal something. So keep them in a closet called home means that no one knows the hatred a parent has for their kid. In here no one can fill the parents with filth. No one can kno that they're bad. No one can find them. No one knows who they really are. Or at least that's how it is in my house.
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    I think you are 100 percent right. But it's not just parents, it's god! He lets us go into the world to help save those who have given in, and lived their lives in filth and suffering. Me as a christian believe that we have been hiding in our closets instead of going on the battlefield of sharing the word. We are afraid that they will turn us down if we try. We can't stop there, we have to peruse the word of our lord and savior jesus christ!
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  • p
    To me the song is coming from the pov of a poor man looking at the rich that rules the country. He sees their weakness and ignorance to the world. They shut themselves out because they know something bad is out there, but they just don't know what it is. The rich need the poor to do their work for them. Many buisness people abuse the poor for cheap labor so they may become more wealthy. "without us they will never make it" but. The song also says that they are equal. "they will never ever surpass us" it means that the rich are no better than the poor.
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  • a
    I think this song is about a parent that is scared to let their child into the world. It's about what most parents want to do (or some parents try to do.) They go to extremes of thinking they don't need lives or they can live in a closet (they think of as home.) That way "no one can fill them with filth." They think that they will never make anything of themselves. Not a very nice way to think of your kids. Not sure if that's what it means though, since abr often speaks in metaphors.
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