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Attila – Soda In A Water Cup lyrics

You told me you cared
But I don't care about you
Are a s***-butt
So shut the fuck up
Keep your mouth shut
S*** what the fuck! ?
You are a s***- butt
So shut the fuck up
Keep your mouth shut
Break it down motherfucker!
I'm in every fucking city touching every fucking titty
Sicker than terry schiavo, someone pull the fucking plug
It's like a beta gamma infa-red, and all that shit that you can't see
Better watch your fucking girlfriend, she's been talking to me
Ha hahaha
Breaking all the rules
Ruining families
Running from the law
The pigs are after me!
Breaking all the rules
What does it matter to you?
Mind your own fucking business and leave us kids alone
Just another day in the life
Trying to make ends meet, and trying to stay high
Ambitions used in a life of crime
How can you blame us now?
The boys are in town and you can bet your bottom dollar
That tonight some shit is gonna be going down
Put a leash on your girlfriend- she's already on her knees
Someone help me decipher this puzzle, the pieces are wet with your blood
Someone help me decipher this puzzle, the pieces are wet with your blood
Lets put the pieces together, damaged we are from the fall
It like no matter what I say or do, my head is stuck on you
But the thought of you still makes me fucking sick
Right down on her knees

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