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A//Political – It's Not About Politics, It's About Life lyrics

Human beings an arrogant bunch
So trite and ignorant always on the hunt
We've created this system both you and I
Of calloused oppression of all living kind

Learn, Teach, Respect and Peace

The system doesn't care that nothing's ever fair
And the system doesn't care because you remain unaware
And no one gives a shit that you spike your hair
It's all a fucking joke and the system doesn't care

The system doesn't care what politics you wear
And the system doesn't care you'll always be a player
And it kinda makes you wonder why you're always in despair
Always alone struggling and the system doesn't care

The system doesn't care because we're all a little scared
To really give a fuck and try to really care
The system doesn't care because you're caught in their snare
You're just a bit in the machine so the system doesn't care

The system doesn't care because no one ever cares!
No one ever bothers, no one ever dares
The system doesn't care because the truth's unaware
That system is you, is there any hope out there! ?


Everything in life and everything you hate
Is perpetuated by you and your choice of ignorance
By turning your back and ignoring the problem
The injustices in life we'll never solve them

Politics is a load of shit
But it's you who accept them
When will you realize
It's not about politics
It's about fucking life
Simply giving a fuck is our greatest fight

The system doesn't care because the system is you
Nothing ever changes because that's what you choose

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